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The CT MOD Advantage

The CT MOD Advantage

The CT MOD Advantage

When visiting a finished CMH Modular home it is easy to see the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each of our homes. Unless you do a plant tour it is difficult to see the hidden advantages to a CMH   Modular home.
Click on the images below to see what goes into the construction of our homes and sets us apart from other modular home manufacturers.


Floor Boots for HVAC sealed to the floor using Shurtape to ensure an air tight seal.


Spray foam used on exterior side of electrical boxes installed on exterior walls to ensure maximum energy efficiency.


Exteriors walls are set on top of a thick bead of caulk to assure a air tight seal to the floor system


Walls are initially placed and fastened with nails before being screwed for a final extra sturdy connection


Corners and Perpendicular intersections of walls are lagged into place using 1/4” lags for additional structural rigidity.


Horizontal drywall seams reinforced with excess drywall cutoffs and drywall mud to ensure stronger seams.

thumb 7-osb-backer-board

OSB backer boards installed behind drywall for Shelf and Mirror installation providing a secure area for fastening.


Blocking installed behind drywall for all electrical boxes to provide extra support.


Blocking installed behind drywall for fastening of all wall and base cabinets.


Spray Foam applied at all exterior framing penetrations to ensure and more air tight home.


Gaskets behind all electrical boxes installed on exterior walls to insulate and provide protection of drafts.


Perfecto Wrap Door and Window flashing to seal against water and air penetration.


Ceiling drywall is adhered using state of the art spray adhesive instead of standard fasteners to eliminate the possibility of nail pops once a structure has settled.


Foam gasket material is installed on one side of each marriage wall to ensure an air tight seal upon the setting of the units on the foundation.


OSB & Plywood Sub floors are covered with a protective plastic during the production process to ensure a clean sub floor system when the builder installs an on site flooring covering if they choose to install it on site in place of in the plant.


All seams of DOW Exterior Rigid Foam Insulation are taped with DOW seam tape to ensure an air tight building envelope.


DOW Exterior Rigid Foam Insulation is used between all pipes and conduits located in exterior walls and the interior drywall as well as Batt Insulation towards the exterior to ensure no energy efficiency is lost due to the pipes being installed.


26 gauge straps located at all corners and 48" O.C. on all exterior walls strapping the wall to the floor system adds a crucial added structural connection as part of NEM 's standard specifications.


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