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Modular Construction Advantages

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Modular Construction Advantages

Custom Home Construction Advantages
Controlled environment
Not only are there more inspections from an outside third party inspection agency and higher quality control, our building materials are never exposed to the elements. This leaves the modular homeowner with a cleaner home and a far lower risk for mold, mildew, and pest infestation. The key to a quality built home is to use superior materials and eliminating weather related defects.By keeping all building materials true and square, your home will be built to the highest quality possible.
Consistent Procedures
Through the years of producing countless homes and other structures, CMH has been able to determine the best procedures in which to produce each aspect of the structure. Due to this, CMH has been able to maintain a level of quality that is continuous through the entire production process from home to home that leave one of one our manufacturing facility. With the same team of individuals assigned to a certain task or portion of each home that passes through their station, we have been able to ensure a consistent means of
Quality Assurance Program
Each module that makes up a structure is severely scrutinized through the entire production process.  Each station that the module passes through has a specific duty that is to be performed to that module.  Before being allowed to pass through that station, each module is thoroughly inspected and signed off on by the Quality Control department to ensure everything is done properly.  An outside third party inspection agency audits the quality control department and its procedures to ensure the quality and code compliance meets all state requirements.
Tighter, Better Sealed
We build the modules from the inside out, unlike stick built homes. This gives us an advantage of sealing all electrical outlets, vents, and other potential places to lose energy with fire and air resistant sealant. Studies show in a wind test that this makes a modular home "tighter", meaning less air passes through, lessening the chance of weather damage and cutting the cost of heating bills.
Energy Efficiency
With the growing importance and demand for energy efficiency, CMH prides itself in building the most energy efficient structure possible. Currently an Energy Star partner and an approved Energy Star manufacturing facility, CMH offers features to meet or exceed current Energy Star, LEED, and Green Building Standards CMH allows the customer to custom tailor their structure to meet their specific wants and needs. If it’s an Energy Star Certified home a customer is looking for CMH teams up with a third party Energy Star rater to guarantee your home meets or exceeds the current requirements mandated by Energy Star.
Price of Materials
Your quote may be adjusted as the building process continues if you choose to have your home stick built. This is usually caused by the rise of the materials it takes to build your home as the supply and demand changes.  With the volume of homes produced by a modular manufacturer comes an advantage of a higher buying power and better pricing for materials that is then passed down to the buyer and reflected in the pricing of the homes.  The purchasing department is continuously researching the best pricing for all the materials needed to produce the homes keeping us at the forefront of the market in regards to competitive pricing.
Flexible in design
Choose from hundreds of floor plans or let us design one just for you. You can choose from a Ranch home with two, three plus modules, a Cape Cod with multiple dormers and Palladium windows, or a Two Story home, both traditional and modern. Chalet homes or more contemporary looking homes are another option in our line up of homes to choose from You can also OPT for CMH design or modulrize your plan. It’s not just a square box any more!
10 Year Warranty
With a home from us you'll receive a 10 year structural warranty right from the start. In fact, any product, may that be a garage or even a condo, will come with a 10 year structural warranty as well as a limited one year warranty. The Specific manufacturers provide a warranty in addition to those offered by CMH giving you a safe and secure home with a great warranty.
In Addition to the Modular Advantages provided inside your structure the Modular Industry offers additional key advantages to your project as well.
ROI-Return on Investment
The ROI (return on investment) is how much profit or cost savings is realized. ROI measures how effectively the firm uses its capital to generate profit; the higher the ROI, the better. To gain a better appreciation for the advantage of modular vs. conventional construction, think “faster, less expensive, more flexible construction, and speed to market” than the conventional approach “think faster, higher ROI.”
IRR-Internal Rate of Return
You can think of IRR as the rate of growth a project is expected to generate. Generally speaking, the higher a project’s internal rate of return, the more desirable it is to undertake the project. Building a modular ensures you the highest IRR because it is a faster, more efficient way to build and make controllable to mitigate cost overruns. The faster the project is completed, the sooner you can start earning money back. A hotel, for instance, can operate sooner when built faster through the modular process. The faster you can fill the rooms, the faster you can achieve your rate of return on a project.

The question you may ask yourself is, "Why a CMH?" The answer is simple.
Connecticut Modular Homes strives on the quality of your home from the time it’s built in our climate controlled facility, to the time it arrives at its final destination. Even after arriving at its location, the home is guaranteed with our 10 year warranty. If you have any issues, feel free to call us and speak with our customer service department. We will make sure you’re completely satisfied with your home. We are an Energy Star Partner and a Certified Green Professional, not only showing how much we care about the environment, but also how much we are concerned in the amount of energy your home consumes in the long run, saving you money. We look forward to sharing in the experience of you enjoying your new modular home.

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