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NEW PRICE LIST- will be included for some of our standard designs.

See the PDF library for Standard Cost Lists of Product. Change all the time so please checks in frequently. Lumber and other products used are commodities and are traded on the stock exchange so they tend to fluctuate. There is a 3.5% price increase on all current standard prices.
Pricing varies depending where you are building. Towns in Fairfield County like Greenwich require extensive onsite engineering for drainage reports and FAR rules. We include all these Engineering & Surveying cost in our Estimates for Greenwich, Stamford, Darien, New Canaan & Westport. These report average 75-125 pages and have to be handed in with the application in Towns like Greenwich,CT. These Engineering & Surveying cost average 6-8,000.00 for a project not including the installation of the drainage systems called out for in the engineering reports.

The general pricing for just a modular home is about $58-$85 per square foot with standard specifications. Our Custom Luxury Modular have such a wide range that there is no real average sqft cost. Just let us quote your custom plans. Colonial Homes tend to be less expensive per square foot because they have more livable square footage as opposed to a Cape or Ranch. These prices include manufacturing costs, delivery, sales tax, and all set costs; which include all crane and crew costs.

These prices do not include the site, foundation and onsite finish cost(button-up work). We will provide you a firm and clear quotation along with a factory specification that is specific for your project after we receive some basic information from you.
The costs for a “turnkey project" (where we do all the work from site to finish) including in house site(lowering your cost), & Insulated Foundation Panels, and general button-up work will costs in the range of $120-180 sqft. Again Colonials tend to cost less per sqft than Ranches or Capes due to the livable square footage.
If you choose to omit or upgrade any items you will be given a credit from the standard. This price is contingent on many criteria including site conditions, design features, and final finish selections. This “ballpark” cost do not typically include add-ons like porches, decks, septic systems, demolition unless specifically requested. Unlike other companies, we provide you demo cost, engineering and survey cost along with site work cost all in house so we control all aspects of the building process in order to minimize over runs and control cost so we can provide you the best cost possible.
A 2 car garages run about $28,000 - $38,000.00 including site, foundation, overhead doors, and finish work.
Again we handle all your engineering and surveying, site work with our own equip., any custom trim work with our staff of artisans. This helps us control costs and give you more for your money.
Give us a call and let us quote your next project. We can quote your Architectural plans or convert them to modular for pricing. Or work with our Architects.
Our very high end projects are closer with site built cost but build time savings are huge. We shave months off the build times and some off the build costs.

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