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There are the Standard Specification which are available in our PDF library. But our homes are all built with Huber Woods from sheathed to flooring. Huber Advantech makes a tighter, dryer home and is the best under wood flooring.
This is not a upgrade from us but Standard. It is a Green product and saves you the owners energy and builds a better home with less water intrusion then plywood. See product info and videos:
This is just one example of the thousands of better products we use to build you a superior home.
It's in the Details........

Then there are the onsite items “button up “items:

Geothermal Energy Options - there are big tax rebates for the end users which can pay them back for the upgrade in the system cost in 2-5 years. If oil keeps going up the pay back is much faster.
We special in highly customized modular homes. Our finish crews are more artisans than finish carpenters. This is what make our houses stand out in the crowd.
We have local Architect, Cabinet Designers to Tile Designers here locally to help you custom design you finishes.

Things happen and or there may be an issue with something. Hey no one like to admit that there could be a problem or issue with their homes but let be realistic when you are dealing with a custom new home with million plus item in it. Here is where we shine also. We are here locally. We can be there in a few to address any issues and make a plan of attack. We are local and here to handle any and all service calls. We stand behind our work with a 2 year warranty and also give you a 9 year structure warranty on the home itself. See the sample warranty provide for all our homes in the PDF library.

Customer Says

We are team based in Stamford, CT, with our manufacturing facility in PA. We have years of experience and know modular construction. Consult with us on your next building project. Let us help you understand the process & if we or another modular builder would be best suited for your project. What to watch for building if site built or modular.

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