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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy direct from you and eliminate the builder?
We are sorry, but we Distribute to builders & Developers. But We do offer drop shipments. We offer direct purchases though “CMH Direct”. CMH Design + Build is are full service Version that doer turn key projects in limits area & coverage. Can for schedule & not sell direct to consumers. One Click to find a builder in your area.
Can I get a a tour of your factory?
Yes, but we ask that you please contact CMH to set a date & time. Factory tours are only available by appointment through your builder. Or CMH.
What type of homes do you build?
We build almost any style of home, including ranch, bi-level, cape, two-story, contemporary, multi-family,custom, etc…
What kind of materials go into your modular homes?
We build our homes with quality, name-brand products and materials that you know and trust.
Can you give me a price on a particular home?
Yes through your builder or CMH.
Do your homes come with a warranty?
Do your homes come with a warranty?
Can you build a custom home I saw somewhere else?
This very well may be possible. We would be glad to look at the plans and verify if it can be built modular.
How long does it take to build my home?
It is much quicker to build your home in our factory. The lead times may vary depending on site work. Please check with your builder for an accurate time frame.
How do I purchase a CMH modular home?
You can use your builder or build with CMH for a turn key solution.