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Modular Process

Use this as a guide to understand the steps involved in building a modular home. This is a generalized walkthrough of the modular process. This timeline does not consider the complexities of custom features and the variables that modular homes allow.



The What

Review our portfolio for inspiration or bring your plans for us to modify. These plans can be customized to your liking, use them as framework, or as they are!

The Who

Meet with a CMH Custom Homes Sales Associate. Receive a CMH Custom Homes Package Quote .During this period a surveyor & engineering team should also be readied to hire if not us.

The How

Set a budget to include – land , site work, site engineering with drainage allowances. Begin financial discussions with a lender, and purchase land.

The When

This timeline varies by client depending on the size of the project and location where the home will be built.



Choose custom design or existing plan

You can either.. Choose an existing plan and move directly to Deposit, or place a Design Retainer and work with a CMH Design Team Project Manager on plan & development.

Receive your quote

This far into your research you will receive a fully realized Schematic Design Package and Quote. Schematic design, whether custom or existing plans, should take about one month to complete.



Finalization of design

You can make final modifications to the schematic design. This will extend the building time, but it is worth the time to make your design perfect.

Foundation plans

Foundation plans are based off of your schematic design and must be done after any final modifications of your schematic design.


At this point the projects financing should be secured and a contract will be drafted by CMH for the building services.


After a deposit has been made toward your CMH project, applications for building permits can be sent to local governments. This can take one to two months to fullfil.