What is Modular Building?

A modular building...

…is a custom-designed structure built in sections (called modules) inside a factory to the most exacting standards. Construction inside a factory prevents construction delays and expenses caused by weather, subcontractor delays or missing materials. Once the modules are built, they are shipped and completed at the site as a permanent structure. 

Savings are achieved...

…by utilizing a manufacturing factory setting. Pre-engineering, increased purchasing power, direct labor wage controls, and a decreased building time frame and the efficiencies and precision of pre-building the home results in reduced interest carrying costs less material waste. 

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What's different about us?

But we at NEM take this concept a steps further… It is in the Details!  The important architectural elements such as entrances, cornices, returns, and rake overhangs are designed and shipped but done at the site for a richer look custom look. Roofing, siding, installation of doors and windows and certain trims and moldings are all materials supplied by NEM. Our craftsman  can transform that ordinary modular box into some classic and beautiful. We believe that the detail are what make our home different and more exquisite than other and our years of modular experience in well appointed homes.




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